General Objectives

  1. To make the children feel wanted and loved in order to fulfill their emotional needs.
  2. To enhance language ability by using language skills.
  3. To foster independence and self reliance in daily activities in order to promote free growth of personality.
  4. To stimulate muscles by constant use ie. physical and motor development
  5. To help children in their social development.
  6. To facilitate development of cognitive skills.
  7. To encourage children to develop their own creativity ability and to give opportunity to express their creativity.
  8. To explore, experiment and in the process discover new ideas and skills.
  9. To give children wealth of experience to understand the world around them.
  10. To inculcate positive values i.e. moral development through prayers, poems and stories.
  11. To initiate children towards aesthetic appreciation.
  12. To achieve this goal the school is well contained with modern facilities highly educated, experienced and trained staff. Walking abreast with the modern competitive world the school provides most sophisticated and modern facilities.